Remove Unused Personnel Values

The following personnel profile fields require a value: Assignment/Position Status, Religious Order or Ministerial Status, and Ordination Status.

When editing these fields, you may find that you cannot delete a value because it is in use. In order to remove a value, you must first select a different value for the field on all personnel profiles currently using it.

Use a custom query to locate the profiles you need to update.

  1. Click Reporting > Reports > Custom Query.
  2. For the main attribute, select the relevant personnel field, and select is set.
    Tip: Start typing a field name to quickly locate it in the attributes list.
  3. For the sub-attribute, select the field that contains the value you want to remove, select is equal to, and select the value(s) you want to remove.
  4. Click Show Results.
  5. Review each personnel profile, and replace the value you want to remove with a value you plan to keep.
    Once you have replaced the value on all personnel profiles, you can remove it from your settings.
  6. Click Admin > System Settings > General Settings.
  7. On the Profile Fields tab, click the ellipsis icon next to the relevant personnel field, and select Edit.
  8. In the list of values, click the X button beside the value you want to delete.
    If you've successfully removed the value from all personnel profiles, you should not receive the warning message and the value will be deleted.
  9. Click Save.