Remove Personnel Type

Remove the personnel tab and all personnel information from a profile.

You'll need the Delete permission for the personnel type you want to delete.
There are a few reasons you may need to remove an individual's personnel type. One reason may be that you accidentally selected the incorrect profile type while adding a congregant profile. Another reason may be when a personnel transitions from working in your church to becoming a congregant. In either case, you would no longer need to continue tracking personnel-specific information on the person's profile.
  1. Locate and open the record you want to remove from personnel.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon on the profile, and select Manage or Remove Personnel.
  3. Select Remove from Personnel.
    Note: All information you entered on the personnel tab will be removed from the profile, while profile information on the other tabs remains intact.
  4. If the person no longer needs a special title to represent their personnel type, edit their name.
  5. Click Delete Personnel Data Only to remove the personnel tab and its data. Or, if you think you may need the personnel data later (for example, if the person might return to a personnel position at your church), click Mark as Inactive instead. Note that this marks the entire profile as inactive, whereas deleting the personnel data only removes the personnel tab from the person's profile.
The personnel tab is removed from the profile.