Query on Personnel Information

  • You'll need the View permission for the personnel type you want to view.

You can gather a list of personnel based on certain information you track. Personnel fields come from the Clergy, Religious, Minister, or Staff tab on their profiles.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Custom Query.
  2. Select a personnel attribute in the drop-down list, and make your selections.
    Tip: Start typing a field name to quickly locate it in the attributes list. Or, scroll down to the Personnel section to see all of the personnel attributes.
    Once you select a personnel attribute, the SHOW drop-down list automatically selects Personnel for you.
  3. Optional: To further filter your results, select any sub-attributes related to the personnel field you selected, and make your selections.
  4. Add as many other attributes as needed to get the exact personnel list you want.
  5. Click Show Results.
  6. If needed, click the print icon to print a PDF or export a CSV file of the results.