View Personnel Migration Details

View the details of your personnel data move.

  • You must be an administrator to do this.
After the Move Personnel Data process completes, you can view which fields were changed and which data may not have been moved due to invalid values.
Note: Invalid values may be due to blank fields or fields that do not match the destination field values.

The terms you see depend on your denomination. Clergy and religious have assignments, whereas ministers and staff have positions. Clergy and religious have religious order, whereas ministers have ministerial status.

  1. Once the personnel data is moved, an item displays on the Tasks page. Click View details.
  2. In the Change Log, locate the entry for your personnel migration.
    Note: To quickly locate the entry, filter the list by selecting Personnel Migration from the Action drop-down list.
    The entry shows how many profiles were updated or how many could not be updated, as well as any invalid values that may have prevented some data from being moved.
  3. Click the linked text in the What Was Changed column.
    Any invalid field values display. These are the fields you'll want to review.
  4. Click the printer icon to view details for each personnel profile.
    In the Record column for each personnel, you can see which data was moved and which was not moved. If data was not moved, you can see the invalid values that caused this in the Moved Data column.
  5. If needed, print this report and use it to correct any invalid values on profiles. You can either correct the values manually for each profile, or run the Move Personnel Data process again to add the correct values.
    1. To correct the values manually, go to the personnel profile that has an invalid value, and edit the necessary fields. Repeat this for each personnel who has invalid values listed in the report.
    2. If you run the process again, you only need to select the fields that had invalid values. Source fields and values are not removed once you move your data. So, any fields you select in subsequent runs will be moved again. This creates a new entry on personnel profiles. After your second run, go to each personnel profile and delete the invalid entry created in the first run.

Once all your personnel data is in the right fields, you can disable or delete the custom fields you were using.