Change Personnel Type

Change a personnel's type to a different type.

You'll need the Edit permission for the personnel type you want to edit.
There are a few reasons you may need to change the personnel type. One reason may be that you accidentally selected the incorrect type while adding or marking the personnel profile. Another reason may be when a personnel transitions from one role at your church to another. For example, your Youth Group Director, who is marked as Staff, goes through training to become a pastor, and now you need to change him to Clergy or Minister. Whatever the reason, you can change the personnel type at any time without losing any personnel-specific data.
  1. Locate and open the record of the personnel whose type you want to change.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon on the profile, and select Manage or Remove Personnel.
  3. Select the new personnel type.
  4. If the person needs a new title to represent the new type, edit their name.
  5. Click Save.