Sync with Your ACS Diocese

Your church and diocese can share and synchronize profiles.

How the Information Syncs

When sending records to ACS through DataShare, the following rules apply:

  • ACS does not allow two Heads or two Spouses in one family. Since Realm does allow this, the first person imported will become the Head and the second one will become the Spouse.
  • A third or lower Primary Position will be imported as an Other record into ACS.
  • All Child Position types will import as Child records.
  • All Other Position types will import as Other records.

What Information Syncs?

All active records and deleted records that match the statuses selected in your filter settings will sync. Within those records, the following sensitive and personal information may also be included in the records:

Name FieldsContact InformationProfile
First NameCity/TownMarital Status
Middle NameState/Province/RegionGender
Last NamePostal CodeFamily Position
Preferred NamePhone/Listed FlagStatus
SuffixEmailChurch the person is associated with

Sync Your Realm Church Data

You can synchronize your church data with your diocese.

  • Your diocese must own ACS DataShare.
  • Your church must own Realm.
  • You must be a Realm administrator in order to share data with your diocese.
  1. In the Realm to DataShare sign-in window, enter your Realm user name and password, and click Sign In.
    The Realm to DataShare filter settings window displays.
  2. If your user name and password are linked to multiple Realm sites, the Select Site dialog box displays. Select the site you want to connect with for the sync.
  3. In the Filter Settings window, click in the empty field to select statuses from a drop-down list. To remove a selection, click the X next to the status name. This indicates the kinds of people records you want to sync.
    Filter Settings screen: Select the status of individuals who will be shared with your parent organization. Attendee, Participant, and Servant.

  4. After you make your selections, click Save.
  5. In the upper-right corner of the window, click Sign Out.