Assign a Color Alert

Privately flag profiles based on whatever criteria you need to use.

  • You'll need the Profile Alert permission among your responsibilities.

Use caution with this feature. The profile color alert is designed as a way for you to flag individuals who may require special attention or have vital skills. For instance, you might choose to correlate yellow with members who are emotionally challenged or assign blue to members you can rely on in particular emergencies.

The meaning of these colors is not recorded or stored anywhere in Realm. You need to decide what each color means and discretely communicate it to those who need to know. Once selected, the alert color displays on the picture of the profile page, but only to administrators and users with permission.
profile image with pink color banner in top-left corner

  1. Locate and open the record you want to update.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Select a color in the Profile Alert field.
    Note: The Profile Alert field is only visible if an administrator or user with permissions has enabled it in the Profile Fields window.
    The color displays on the profile picture, or, if there is no picture, on the empty picture space.
  5. Click Save.