Add Congregant Profiles

Make this the first stop when recording new attendees.

You'll need the Add Individual permission.
Create records for individuals and families. To add records for personnel or businesses, see the related articles.

Though email and birthday may not be required for people, you should enter them. Doing so will prevent duplicate records being created when they log in for the first time. Email addresses should also be different for each profile. Individuals with shared emails will not be able to create their own logins.

Note: If the profile belongs to a child, you can add parent/guardian contacts in the Contact Information section. These individuals will receive communication from Realm whenever communications are sent to the child.
  1. Sign in as an administrator or user with the appropriate permission.
  2. Click Admin > All Profiles.
  3. Click Add Profile at the top.
  4. Enter the details for the individual or the first member of the family. Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
  5. If you're adding a family, click Add a family member to add other members of the family. If, while adding family members, you need to delete any but the first, point to his or her name, and click the delete icon.
  6. Click Save or Save & Add Another.