Online Directory Security

Privacy can be complicated, especially when you have so many different settings and types of users. Here are some facts about Realm privacy that can help.

Privacy and the Online Directory

What is the Online Directory?

Being in the online directory just means that your privacy settings are such that other Realm users at your church can see your profile listed when they click Directory in the main menu. Think of it like being in the printed directory booklet that many churches used to publish. Learn how to include someone in the online directory.

What's visible there?

If someone is in the online directory:

  • His or her name and photo are always visible to other congregants.
  • For other contact and personal information, congregants will only be able to see whatever the profile owner chooses to divulge by means of his or her profile privacy choices. In other words, if someone is in the online directory but sets his or her personal or contact information privacy to Users with permission only, other congregants will not be able to view it.
  • Other congregants will be able to see what public groups this person is in. Groups are either public, hidden, or only visible to those who have permission. Group leaders and users with permission can determine these settings.

Who is/is not in the online directory?

Most congregants with a profile (record) in Realm can be added to the online directory. The following, however, cannot:
  • People with a login (because they are automatically added to the directory).
  • Anyone with the family position of "Child" who does not have a birthday listed in Realm (their privacy settings cannot be opened even by their parents).
  • Businesses.
  • Inactive profiles.
  • Profiles of those who have been marked "deceased".