Online Directory

View the contact information for people in your church.

Its purpose

The online directory contains an alphabetical list of congregant profiles in Realm. This allows you to search for specific individuals and find their profile information.

How it works

There are three ways to include someone in the directory BEFORE a login is created.
  1. Select Opt in to Online Directory when you create a new profile.
  2. Click padlock icon with the word Privacy to turn the opt-in feature on after creating a new profile.
  3. An administrator can make a change to multiple records at once by updating personal/privacy data through queries.

However, when the individual associated with the Realm profile creates a login, they can set their own privacy options. For more, see Privacy and the Online Directory.

If an individual doesn't have a Realm login AND is not opted in to the directory, they can't be found using the Global Quick Search feature by someone who does have a login. However, if the two are in the same group, their names appear on the group's roster list and their profile records can be viewed by each other.

What happens when I am opted in

You will receive an email IF there is an email address listed on the new profile. If an email is not listed, there is no way for you to be notified that you are in the online directory. A profile can be created without an email address, therefore it can also be included in the directory. As an individual, it is your responsibility to create a login and update your profile to include an email address if one is not already listed. This will allow you to be notified of profile changes in the future.

Who can make changes to my profile

An administrator or user with the Edit Individual permission can change privacy settings and information on profiles.

When an email is included in a profile, you will be emailed when your profile is opted in to the directory. You will also be emailed when changes are made to your phone number, address, or personal information.

What about a child's account

A family member of an individual who has the position of "child" (typically parents) is notified by email when changes are made to the child's profile and when the child's profile is opted in to the directory. If the child is connected to multiple families, the parents in both families are emailed.