Profile Merge Field Descriptions

These are some of the fields you'll encounter when merging profiles.

System Information

The older date created and its source (person or process that added the profile) are selected automatically. These cannot be changed.

The Account Status is the email used by the profile owner to log in, not necessarily the primary email address listed in the profile.

Connected Apps (MinistrySmart Academy) will be disconnected and the account deleted in all cases.

Personal Information

For most of these, you should choose one side or the other. Where fields allow for multiple selections, as in the case of allergies, you can make selections from both sides. All standard and private notes (entered on the Notes tab) will also be merged.

Sacraments Information

All sacraments and notes will be merged. If sacraments or notes are identical, both will still exist in the new, merged record.

Family Information

The same side must be selected for all family information. Barcodes assigned for check-in can be merged from both sides in the following situation: If one profile has fewer than 5 barcodes and the other profile is a one-member family. Pledges will not display until you click a family, and they may differ depending on which profile you click.


All relationships and their tags will be merged automatically. You can manage the merged relationships on the Relationships tab of the profile after the merge is complete. If a relationship exists between the two profiles you're merging, it will be removed so the merged profile doesn't have a relationship to itself.

Financial Information

All contributions from both profiles are automatically combined, including recurring gifts.

Amounts from both sides will also be credited toward pledges to which they've been applied. All pledges are also merged. Only currently active pledges display. Past and future pledges will be merged as well but only display if there is a conflict that you must resolve.


If you do nothing, group memberships from both sides will be merged. If there are any conflicts—for instance, both profiles include the same group—the membership will be accepted using the oldest start date, the most current end date, and the highest group position (guest/member/leader).

If you prefer, you can select no groups. Click and clear both sides. The new record will show no current group involvement. All prior group affiliations, however, will remain part of the individual's record.

To manually select groups, click Select all groups and make your choices. To return to the default view, click Select all groups again.

Registration Events

If one side has a payment, Realm selects it over one that does not. If neither side has a payment, you need to choose.

If both profiles have named guests, they will all be included in the new record. This could result in duplicate guest entries. If both profiles have the same event, but different numbers of unnamed guests, the higher number of the two will be included.

Payments: If both profiles have the same event, but only one is paid for, the payment will be retained. If both have payments, the payment will be retained, and one registration will be canceled. Any refund needed must be issued manually. To check for outstanding refunds, click Registration Events > Upcoming and click the appropriate event. Click the Registrants tab and look for Refund Needed in the Status column.


Only current pathways are displayed. If both profiles belong to the same pathway, you must choose one side. All history for previous pathways will be stored with the new record. History for incomplete pathways will also be kept unless the alternate profile lists the same pathway as current. In that case, the pathway will be considered still current in the new record.