Merge Profiles

Use this procedure to merge any two profiles.

  • You'll need the Merge Individual permission.

You can use this procedure to merge any two profiles, whether Realm has identified them as possible duplicates or not.

  1. If needed, locate your duplicate profiles.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon on the profile, and select Merge Profile.
  3. Enter the name of the potentially duplicate profile in the text field.
    Merge Profiles screen showing Merge these profiles, Peggy Barnes and selection drop-down list highlighting Peggy Barnes' profile
  4. The profiles display side by side. Where one profile has information but the other does not, the selection is made for you. Where the information matches for both profiles, the selection is also made automatically. The Choose Data arrowChoose data arrow indicates that you must make a selection between conflicting entries. Click one side or the other and the indicator disappears. See Profile Merge Field Descriptions for more on certain fields.
    Merge Profiles screen showing which fields will be merged and which fields you need to choose data for
  5. When all orange indicators are gone, you can click Merge Profiles.

Any family members that were connected with the old profile may need to be merged or reunited with the new profile.