Merge Families

Reunite families after a merge.

You may need to reunite family member profiles after merging duplicates.

After you merge profiles, you'll see a list of family members that may need to be merged or reunited with the person you just merged. This list shows the family members who are directly connected with the person and not the ones who may be connected through another member, such as a child in the case of a divorced family.

Note that once you close this list, you cannot view the information again in this way. If you don't have time to reunite family members right now, you can export the list to reference later.

Here are some tips for reuniting families:
  • Work from the top down. Start with the primary family positions, then complete children profiles and other types.
  • To help you keep track, open each person's profile in a new browser tab.
  • If a duplicate exists for a family member, run the merge process for that person. Otherwise, reunite that person with the head of the family using one of the life change processes.

For example, let's say you just merged duplicate profiles for Donald Lake. The list of family members shows his spouse, Virginia, and his child, Ally, who also has a duplicate profile.

Modal window showing possible family members that may need to be merged or reunited

You would right-click each person's name and open their profile in a new tab. Starting with his spouse, you would click the ellipsis icon and select Get Married to reconnect Virginia's record with Donald's. Then, on Ally's profile, click Possible Duplicate to complete the merge process for her.

Use the links below to view steps for merging duplicates and other life changes.