Promote or View Promotion Progress

This is the final step in the promotion process.

Permissions Required

To access this window, a user must have Manage Ministry Areas set to Allow in their list of permissions.

Once you've approved promotions for all classes within a ministry area or group, the Promote Approved Groups button becomes available on the Promote tab. You can also check the promotion process for classes on the Promote tab.
  1. Sign in as an administrator or user with the appropriate permission.
  2. Click Admin > Groups > Promotion.
  3. On the Setup tab, click + Add Ministry Area or Group.
  4. Select the groups to promote and delete, or leave a check box clear to skip it.
  5. Click Save this Setup to finish at a later time or click Next to start the promotion process.
  6. On the Promote tab, you can see the status of the current groups. When a class promotion(s) is approved, the status circle is green, the Promote Approved Groups button becomes active.
  7. Click Promote Approved Groups.