Group Structure

Thoroughly setting up your group structure is essential.

The top level of group organization is the "ministry area." No individuals belong to it. It isn't a group, but it can have one or more leaders. Ministry areas can contain both other ministry areas and groups. You must set up ministry areas before creating groups.

Below is an example of a church ministry area group configuration.

Example of a ministry area structure. Top-level ministry areas called Kids, Student Ministry, Journey Groups, Adults, Leadership, and Worship. Second-level ministry areas under Kids called Awana, Kid Zone, Children's Missions, Discovery Zone; under Student Ministry called Journey Groups and Youth; under Journey Groups called Groups. Third-level ministry areas under Discovery Zone called Infants 0 to 24 months and Preschool 3 to 5 years. Groups under Kids called Kid's Leaders; under Awana called Awana Leaders, Cubbies 3K, Cubbies 4K, Puggles, Sparks 1st Grade, Sparks 2nd Grade, Sparks 5K, T and T Ultimate Adventure 4th Grade, T and T Ultimate Adventure 5th Grade, T and T Ultimate Adventure 6th Grade; under Kid Zone called 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade; under Zone 56 called 5th Grade, 6th Grade; under Children's Missions called Kids Fest, Upward; under Infants 0 to 24 months called Butterfly Garden, Candy Corner, Sonshine Forest, Surf Shop, and Toy Shop; under Preschool 3 to 5 years called Construction Zone, Diner, DZ Builders Supply, Flower Shop, Pet Shop, and Sports Shop; under Journey Groups called Youth 11th and 12th Grade Co-Ed, Youth 7th and 8th Grade Girls, Youth 7th Grade Boys, Youth 8th Grade Boys, Youth 9th and 10th Grade Boys, Youth 9th and 10th Grade Girls; under Youth called CSM Leadership Team, FUEL, and IGNITE; under Groups called Bill and Charlie Group, Carl and Beth Group, Chris and Rhonda Group, and so on; under Adults called Greeters, Parking Team, Pastoral Care, and Senior Adults; under Leadership called Elders and Staff; and under Worship called Praise Band, Praise Team, and Tech Team.