Group Newsfeed

Connect with group members through posts, photos, or events.

What is the Newsfeed?

The Newsfeed is content created by people in your groups. You can think of this like a bulletin board where people pin things up for everyone in your group to see. The Newsfeed keeps you in touch with your groups from your desktop or on your mobile device. If you are a parent or guardian of a child in a group, and that group has enabled the parent/guardian oversight feature, you will also see content from your child's groups on your newsfeed.

Cork board with yellow notes and photos

There are several types of content you can post on your Newsfeed:

  • Post: Do you want to make a group-wide announcement or ask your group for feedback? You can write a Newsfeed post where people can reply and create a group conversation.
  • Photo: Did you take pictures of your group's latest get-together? Share one or many photos on the Newsfeed so everyone can see how much fun the group had.
  • Event: Do you want to host a group event, like a special lunch or a community project? Create an event for your group where the members can RSVP and sign up to bring items from a list that you create.

Interacting with the Newsfeed

When someone shares something that you like on the Newsfeed, you can show your support by clicking or tapping the heart the heart icon at the bottom of the post.

If you want to add a comment, click or tap the message bubble icon and enter your comment. Everyone in your group can read and respond to your comments if comments are enabled.

Blank Icons

Some mobile devices use emojis that are specific to only that device and can't be seen on web or other devices. If you see a blank icon (empty square box) in a post on the Newsfeed, this means someone used one of the device-specific emoji.

Newsfeed Notification Settings

On the Notification Settings page, you have control over how often you're notified when information is posted to your group's Newsfeed. You can select different notification settings for each group you're a part of. So if you want to receive all notifications from your Bible study group, but no notifications from another group, you can do that! You can also choose to receive highlights from all of your church groups once a day through a daily digest email.

Member Notifications

Group members are notified about new content on the Newsfeed based on their individual Newsfeed notification settings. If you want to check who is receiving notifications and by what method, group leaders can view this on the Participants tab.