Group Members and Leaders

A group is made up of both group members and group leaders.

The list of members in a group is called the group's "roster."

People don't need to have records before you add them to a group. If you add a person without a record to a group, you are taken to a page where you can first add them to the data.

Once an individual has been added as a group member, he or she can be promoted to group leader.

What permissions do leaders, members, and guests have?

When someone is made a group member or leader, he or she automatically inherits new permissions. Below is a list of guest, member, and leader permissions for standard groups.
Guest with Realm loginGroup MemberGroup Leader
View and download resources x check check
View names on roster check check check
Read and create posts check check check
Receive notifications check check check
View list of events check check check
View addresses on roster Depends on Privacy Settings. Depends on Privacy Settings. Depends on Privacy Settings.
Mark group attendance x x check
Post resources x x check
Add, delete, edit group members x x check*

Group leaders cannot see contact information that profile owners have specified visible to Users with Permission Only.

* An administrator or user with permission determines what permissions group leaders have. Because of this, group leaders at your church may not have these additional rights.