Create Groups Field Information

Details on a few of the fields you'll encounter when creating new groups.

Ministry Area
When creating a new group, this entry defaults based on the Ministry Area under which you clicked Add Group. But, when editing, you can also use this field to move an existing group to another ministry area. Click the X to delete the existing area and select the new one from the drop-down list.
Group Types
Select a type for the group. Adding a group type makes it easier to filter groups and find groups that share similar characteristics.
Visible to
  • The Visibility option defaults to Public. If you select Hidden, this group will only be visible to participants and admins. With specific conditions, it will not appear when searching for groups. If you select Users with Permission Only, this group will not appear on the individual pages of members. It will also not appear when searching for groups.
  • The Availability dates specify the range during which this group can be seen during a search by congregants and attendees. Users with permission will see the group regardless of these "publish dates". It will always be visible to group members as well.
  • A group that currently meets should have a status of Active.
  • Select Set ideal attendee-to-leader ratio in order to set and monitor that ratio on check-in dashboards (group check-in, assisted mode only).
  • To put the group into a planned break, consider adding a recess period.
Include attendance data on dashboard

This check box must be selected in order for:

  • a group's attendance to appear on the Attendance Dashboard.
  • an individual's attendance for the group to appear on the Groups tab of their profile.
  • this group's attendance numbers to be included when calculating involvement statistics on the Involvement Dashboard. This option is only visible if it has been selected when setting up or editing the top-level ministry area.
Participants tab
On your group's Participant tab, the Age/Birthday shows for someone whose profile has the family position of "child". However, the Age/Birthday does not show for individuals with other family positions. This allows the group leader or administrator quicker access to this information about the children in their group.