Group Management

Groups are vital to tracking attendance, using check-in, and measuring member involvement.

In order to create groups, you must first create ministry areas. Once you set up ministry areas, you can then add your groups to them. Groups can be listed under a primary ministry area, or if you need to categorize further, under a secondary ministry area. Only people who have been given responsibilities that include permission to do so can add, edit, or delete groups.

Manage Groups screen showing an example with Worship as a Primary Ministry Area, Praise Band as a Secondary Ministry Area, and 11:00 AM Praise Band as a Group

Once you create the groups, you can add members, select group leaders, set communication preferences, create group events and take attendance for these events.

You can view which groups you are a member of and which groups you lead. Click your name in the upper-right corner, and in the My Profile Views section, click Connect. You will see your groups in the Groups section.