Enable Communication for Ministry Areas

Turn on communication for groups in a ministry area.

Permissions Required

Only available to administrators and users who have the Manage Ministry Areas permission.

The communication settings at the ministry area level control which communication methods are available to groups within that ministry area. For example, if at the ministry area level you allow post creation and photo sharing, but don't allow event creation, all groups within that ministry area will have the option for posts and photos, but not events.

Group leaders can't override the ministry area level settings for which communication methods are available to their group. However, group leaders can select who can use each enabled communication method.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Groups > Ministry Areas.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon next to the ministry area and select Edit .
  3. In the Communication section, select each communication method you want to enable for groups in this ministry area.
  4. If there are already groups within the ministry area, choose who can create content for each communication option you enable.
    • No one, yet - I want group leaders to set this option: Disables the communication method until a group leader manually selects a setting.
    • Anyone in the group: All group members can use this communication method.
    • Group leaders only: Only group leaders can use this communication method unless the group leader manually changes this.
  5. Click Save.