Group Communication

Ways to communicate with your group.

Group Email

Administrators and users with permission have a number of ways to communicate with group members including email, messages and posts.

They can email all the members of a group about a change in meeting plans, the illness of a member, updated study topics, etc.

Some things to keep in mind with emails:

  • An email cannot be saved as a draft or viewed once it is sent.
  • If you need to view the email once it is sent, include yourself on the recipient list. Group leaders are automatically included in the list.
  • If you are drafting a rather long email, or feel like you will need extra time to write, consider drafting the email in Microsoft Word or some other word processing program then cut and paste it into Realm.

Ministry Area Communication Settings

The settings you select at the Ministry Area level determine the communication settings for all groups under that Ministry Area. Enabling group communication allows group members to create their own posts, share photos, message people in a group, and start group events. You can select whether these communication features are available only for no one, group leaders or for everyone in the group.

Communication Settings

No one, yet— This enables the communication type, but requires the group leaders to select who can use it before it's enabled.

Anyone in the group— This enables the communication type for everyone in the group.

Group leaders only— Only group leaders can use this communication type.