Set Up a Group's Primary Event

Create a primary event for a group.

Your group's primary event displays as the Primary Event on the Info tab. A group can only have one primary event, however this can be changed. Also, your group doesn't have to set a primary event if this isn't needed.
  1. Locate the group and open its record.
  2. On the group's main page, click the Events tab.
  3. Click Add an Event.
  4. Enter the event name and description.
  5. Select Make this the group's primary event.
  6. Select a start time and an end time. If this is a recurring event, select a frequency from the Repeats menu.
  7. Select Childcare Provided if there will be childcare for this event.
  8. Select if the event will be in-person only, virtual only or both. If you are hosting the event online, enter the meeting URL or information in the Online Meeting Link text box.
  9. To add an image to the event, click +Add a photo for this event, then select your image file. To remove the image, click the ellipsis icon and select Delete Photo. You can add a new image if you need to.
  10. To edit the event image, hover your mouse over the image, then click the pencil icon. Use the left scroll bar to rotate the image and the right scroll bar to resize the image. Then click Apply.
  11. Select Allow simple RSVP to allow group members to RSVP for the event.
  12. If you want to post this event to the Newsfeed, select Share on Newsfeed. If you share this event on the Newsfeed, select whether people can comment on the event and whether this will send a notification.
  13. If mobile check-in is enabled for the group or ministry area, it is enabled by default. You can turn mobile check-in off if needed.
  14. Click Save & Close.