Add an Event to Select Groups Within a Ministry Area

Create an event for some groups in a ministry area.

You can create a single event that's shared across specific groups within the same ministry area.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Groups > Ministry Areas.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon next to your ministry area and select Manage Events.
  3. Click +Add Event.
  4. Enter the Event Name.
  5. Select Only certain groups will have this event.
  6. Click +Add Group.
  7. Select the ministry area or group and the location.
  8. Click Save & Add Another to continue adding groups, or Add Group if this is the final group.
  9. Select start and end time, and then select a frequency from the Repeats menu.
  10. Select Allow simple RSVP to allow group members to RSVP for the event.
  11. If you want to post this event to the Newsfeed, select Share on Newsfeed.
  12. Select Allow comments if you want people to reply to this event.
  13. Select Childcare Provided if there will be childcare for this event.
  14. Select the Make this the group's primary event check box to assign this as the primary event for all groups selected.
  15. Click Save.