Group and Ministry Area Events

Create events for groups and ministry areas.

Events and Meetings

One way that people can connect in your church community is through group events. You can set up events and meetings at the group level or an event at the ministry area level.

Suppose you want your group to meet once a month. In this case, you need to set up a meeting so that everyone in the group knows when and where to gather.

In addition to regular meetings, groups often hold other gatherings such as parties, picnics, etc., that might occur one time or are recurring events. Once you add these events, they can be edited by a group leader or user with permission.

You can also export group events for use in another calendar program. The event opens in your default scheduling application (like Microsoft Outlook) using an .ics file.

Finally, you can create and manage events for all groups within a ministry area. You can choose which groups have specific events, and create recurring events if needed.

Church Calendar

You can see your group events on the church calendar.

Calendar showing on the left, with upcoming events to the right
1 Click to change the month.
2 Move to the previous or next month.
3 Click to bring today's events to the top of the list.
4 Indicates a recurring event.
5 Click the drop-down arrow beside an event to display its details.
6 Click to search for an event.
7 Click to open a collection of filters you can use to narrow down the list of events displayed.
  • Group Type – Group types are labels defined by your church and assigned to groups to help categorize and filter them.
  • Primary events only – Most groups have a primary event, such as a study group's weekly meeting.
  • Show hidden groups – Displays events in groups that are marked as hidden.
  • Include events created by group leaders and members – Displays RSVP events created by group leaders and members.