Run an Attendance Report by Group

Run an attendance report to view information about individuals who attended events.

You can run a predefined attendance report by ministry area or group that provides information on the individuals who attended group events.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Predefined Reports.
  2. Click the Group tab.
  3. Under Attendance, click Edit and Run.
  4. Select a date range.
  5. In the Ministry Area drop-down menu, select a ministry area.
  6. If you want to run the report for a specific group, select a group. If you don't change the default All selection, the report will provide information for the entire ministry area.
  7. Select the report layout and the type of information included. If the report contains a large amount of data, consider selecting the Landscape layout.
  8. Click Run.

    Participant Type Totals

    If you run a Detailed Attendance report across a date range and compare it to an Event Totals report, the participant type totals may not match. This is because the Event Totals report provides a true picture of attendance at a specific point in time, while the Detailed Attendance report provides data based on how many events an individual attended in a day. A Daily Attendance report counts an individual only once even if they attended multiple events that day. This type of report is useful for counting the total amount of people on campus each day, rather than the total number of events attended.