Assign a Giving Number

Assign an individual's giving number to help identify their giving statement.

To assign a giving number on a profile's Giving tab, you need the View Individual Contributions permission. To assign a giving number on a profile's Info tab, you need the Manage Giving Numbers permission.
Note: For more control over which numbers are assigned when you click Next Number , set up your giving number sequence before completing this task.
  1. At the top of any page, search an individual's name, and select it.
  2. Click the Giving tab or stay on the Info tab depending on your permission.
  3. Within the Giving Number column, click the ellipsis icon and select Edit.
  4. Enter a number, or, to assign the next available number in the database, click Next Number.
  5. Click Apply.
  6. If there is already a family member with a primary status (spouse, head, primary, and so on.) who has a giving number, a message displays asking if you want to display the couple's contributions together on both their giving tabs. If so, choose the giving number to connect them with. To view and print the respective contributions separately again, click the filter icon, clear the check box next to the Shared Gifts, and click Filter.