Giving Funds Field Descriptions

Learn more about the terms you'll see while you set up your giving funds.

Fund Details

The code is assigned to your fund, for example, BLDG4. The code can consist of up to 10 numbers and/or letters.
This is the name of your fund, for example, Youth Mission Trip. The name can include up to 50 letters and/or numbers.
Display Name
This is a name seen by online contributors that's easy for them to remember. The name can include up to 30 letters and/or numbers. Fund names should be descriptive and easy to understand since they're listed for potential contributors when using the Give Now feature.
Checking Account/Income Account
You can associate the fund with accounts set up in your general ledger.
You might want to retain an old fund for reference or later reuse but don't want it to appear on reports or in lists of available funds. If that's the case, clear this check box. It's selected by default when creating a new fund.
Select if you want this fund to be nondeductible, like a wedding fee or a columbarium niche. Any fund marked as nondeductible will be labeled both in your contribution batches and on any gift list reports you print.
Online Giving
If enabled, contributors will be able to give directly to this fund in Realm. If online giving remains disabled for a fund, it will not appear on your giving form in the list of available funds. You must set up a merchant account for online giving to display this option.
Deposit Account
Associate a deposit account with your fund. Online gifts will automatically post to that account.

Associated Accounts

Primary Accounts
These accounts are applied to all gifts unless additional accounts are assigned. If you enter separate accounts, your primary accounts will only apply to pledged gifts.
Additional Accounts
Assign accounts to nonpledge, prepledge, and postpledge gifts if you post them to your general ledger separately from pledged gifts.