Void a Processed Online Contribution

Manually void an online contribution that you need to clear from the processed list.

You can void online contributions that have been refunded via check by you and are at least 10 days old. You can opt to post these voids to your general ledger if you've integrated with Realm Accounting. This is not a refund through Vanco.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Giving > Contributions.
  2. Click the Online tab.
  3. Select Processed.
  4. Click the Vanco Batch # containing the contribution you want to void.
  5. Click the name of the individual whose contribution you want to void.
  6. Click the Giving tab on the individual's profile.
  7. Click the ellipsis icon beside a contribution, and select Void.
  8. Enter a reason for the void.
  9. Click Void.