Giving History

View and print an individual's contributions on the Giving tab of their profile.

The same tab is used to add and edit someone's giving number (also known as an envelope number).

The head and spouse in a family can share a giving record. All contributions will display on both records, and they will share a giving statement. When you add a head and spouse record to the same family, they automatically have a shared giving record. On the Giving tab, the "shared with" information displays. For example, if Jack and Gwen Allen are shared givers, on Jack's record, "Shared with Gwen Allen" will display.

Profile page for Jack Allen showing the giving number and the text "Shared with Gwen Allen"

If you do not use giving numbers, a check box for shared giving displays in a Giving Information column.

If you use giving numbers, you can assign the same number to the head and spouse. If you assign different numbers to the head and spouse, their giving records will be separate. In the Giving Number column, the giving number displays. If the couple does not have a number, the word "None" displays.