Check Scanning

A scanner can enter your checks into Realm so you don't have to.

Check scanning decreases the time your staff or volunteers spend recording gift details. It also saves a color photo of each check scanned, reducing the amount of paper you have to keep up with.

Scan multiple checks at once to automatically match gifts with your contributors. Confidence indicators alert you if a check's readability wasn't clear. You can always review and edit what was scanned.

Check scanning works with the four supported scanners listed on this page and operates on Windows computers only. Refer to your check scanner's manual for any additional information on how to use it. If Windows throws an error after you install your scanner, attempt to scan on another PC. If that doesn't work, check with the Microsoft community, and search your error for a possible solution.

Note: We recommend you use only one check scanner per PC to avoid interference between hardware.

System Requirements

  • Windows computers only

Supported Check Scanners

  • Canon CR-50
  • Canon CR-80
  • Canon CR120
  • Canon CR150

If you need to purchase a scanner, visit our store and click Realm Check Readers. You can find our supported scanners there.

Set up Check Scanning

Activate your check scanner.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Settings > Additional Features.
  2. Click Add next to the Check Scanning feature.
  3. Plug in the scanner's power cable and turn on your Realm supported scanner.
  4. Connect the scanner to your computer through the USB cable and port.
  5. In Realm, select On to activate check scanning.
Once you turn on check scanning, you can download and install the Realm Hardware Utility.

Install the Realm Hardware Utility

The Realm Hardware Utility allows Realm to communicate with your scanner.

  1. Click Download.
  2. Once the download is complete, click Run to begin the installation process.
  3. Click Browse and select the folder location for the Realm Hardware Utility, then click Next.
  4. Select any additional tasks you want the setup wizard to perform. Then, click Next.
  5. Review your settings, then click Install.
  6. When installation is complete, click Finish.
Now, you can plug in your scanner and start scanning checks!

Check Scanning Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot any errors that may arise while you scan checks.

ProblemPossible Causes
No Scanner FoundThis message displays if the computer does not recognize the connection with your scanner.
  • Check to see if your scanner is plugged in, powered on, and connected to the computer through the USB port.
  • Make sure the blue light on the scanner is on.
  • Confirm that you have installed the Realm Hardware Utility.
Scanner JamPaper did not feed correctly and has caused the scanner to jam.
  • If checks are jammed in the scanner, open the Maintenance cover and remove the jammed check(s).
  • Once the check has been removed, close the cover doors.
  • If the blue light on the scanner is still blinking, open and close all maintenance covers. If the blue light on the scanner still blinks, reboot the scanner.
Couldn't Connect
  • Confirm that you have installed the Realm Hardware Utility.
  • Check that the program is running.
  • Restart your computer if the scanner still isn't connecting.
Double Feed ErrorTwo checks entered the scanner at the same time.
  • Remove those checks and re-scan them.

Need help?

Phone: Our support team is available Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST and Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST. Call 1-800-669-2509.

Email: Click Support in the lower-left corner of any window. Fill out and submit the email form in the center of the page.