Text Messaging and Replies

How replies work with text messaging.

Inbox Message Reply Options

When a group or team leader sends an Inbox message, they select how the replies for that message display. There are three options for Inbox replies:

  • Sender Only: Only the leader sees replies
  • Entire Group/Team: Everyone sees replies
  • Disabled: No one can reply

By default, the reply option is set to Sender Only, but you can change this as needed.

New message screen with reply options: Sender Only, Entire Group, or Disabled

When Are Texts Sent?

A text is sent when a group or team leader creates the initial Inbox message. Group members cannot send texts to each other or the group leader. Group members and volunteers do not receive follow-up texts for replies.

Realm can also send system-generated texts to volunteers, such as notifications for assignments and serving reminders.

All text replies sent by group members and volunteers count towards the monthly text limit.

When Inbox Message Replies are Enabled

When a group leader selects the Sender Only , Entire Group or Entire Team option, group members and volunteers can reply via text. No matter which reply option was selected, text replies work the same way.

When someone replies via text:

  • The reply only displays in the Inbox message
  • Only the group or team leader can see this reply
  • This does not send a text to the group or team leader

Replies from the Group or Team Leader

When someone replies via text, the group or team leader can respond to this only from the Inbox. This reply will only display in the Inbox message. This does not send an additional text to the group member or volunteer.

When Inbox Replies are Disabled

When you disable replies for an Inbox message, and someone replies via text, the group or team leader will not receive the reply. The text reply will count towards the monthly text limit.