Text Messaging

You can enable text messaging for communication.

Opting In to Text Messages

You can choose to automatically opt-in group participants and volunteers to receive text messages for each ministry area, group or serving team that has texting enabled. Once opted in, all individuals with a valid mobile number on their profile will receive a text the next time the group or team leader sends an Inbox message. If the individual does not have a mobile number on their profile, the text will be sent to the home number listed on their profile. However, if the home number listed is associated with a landline and not a cell phone, a text cannot be sent.

If you do not make opt-in automatic for a group or team, individuals must log in to Realm and enable text messaging from their Inbox Notifications preferences. Administrators can announce the texting feature on group newsfeeds to encourage people to update their preferences.

Individuals can choose to opt out of text messages at any time. However, if an individual replies with STOP to any text they receive from Realm, this will opt them out of all Realm text notifications.

Individuals can also reply with START to opt back into all Realm text notifications.
Note: Every 30 days, individuals will receive an opt out option included with a text message

Texting Number

Text messages are sent from a mobile number that is assigned to each church.

When assigning a number, we first attempt to provide a number in your area code. However, sometimes an area code or state doesn't have available numbers, and we must assign a random number.

We attempt to assign a number based on numbers available in the following order:

  1. First from your area or exchange (based on your primary church number)
  2. Then from your area code using your zip code
  3. Then from your area code using your state
  4. Then from your state using a random area code
  5. If none of the above are available, we assign a random number from anywhere in the US

If the church cancels the texting plan, the assigned number will be released. A new number will be assigned if the church decides to re-subscribe to a texting plan.

Who Can Send Texts

Texts notify individuals that the group or team leader has sent a message to their Realm Inbox. Texts are only sent to group members or volunteers when a group leader sends an Inbox message.

Realm can also send system-generated texts to volunteers, such as notifications for assignments and serving reminders.

Group participants and volunteers can't send texts to each other

How It Works

When a group or team leader creates an Inbox message, Realm sends a text that, by default, includes the message’s subject and a link. All texts also automatically include the name of the group or team and the individual sending the text. This counts as part of the character limit. If the Inbox message is shorter than 150 characters, the full message will be included in the text.

If the group or team leader enables replies for the Inbox message, individuals can log in to Realm to reply to it.

If the individual has a Realm login:

Tapping the link takes them to the Realm Inbox. If they have the Connect mobile app installed, the link will open the app. If not, Realm will open in a mobile browser.

If the individual does not have a Realm login:

Tapping the link opens a mobile browser and displays a copy of the Inbox message.

What Counts Towards the Monthly Text Limit

Each text sent to an individual counts towards the monthly text limit. For example, if a group leader sends a message to their group, and 25 people receive a text, this counts as 25 texts. If 5 of those texts are undeliverable, this still counts as 25 texts.

If you exceed the monthly text limit, there is an overage fee for each text you send until the end of the billing period.