Post Site Alerts

Use Realm to communicate an urgent message.

A service is canceled due to weather, or an urgent prayer vigil is called. You can post important messages that you want to be seen by everyone in your church.

Some things to know

  • You can only have one site alert active at a time.
  • Site Alerts will appear on the Admin, Giving, and Pathways pages for administrators and users with permissions. However, individuals who are not administrators only see Site Alerts on the Giving or Pathways pages. To share an important message with others, we recommend posting to your Newsfeed or sending a message via inbox or group email. Site Alerts appear until they expire or are acknowledged and dismissed.
  1. Click Admin > Communication > Site Alerts.
  2. Click Add Site Alert.
  3. Enter the message and the period during which it should be seen by users.
  4. Click Save.