Realm Inbox

Send a message to people in your group.

The inbox is where you can send messages to everyone in your group or team. If you enable replies on your message, you can also view comments written by your group or team members and respond to them here.

Message Notifications

When you send a message to your group or team, each person receives a notification for that message based on their inbox notifications settings. Someone may want to get an email for each new group message. Or, they may choose to view messages only in the Realm inbox.

Message Replies

When you create a group message, you determine who receives replies from that message. There are three different options:

  • Sender Only— If you want feedback, but want to keep the replies private, this setting makes it so only you can see each member's reply.
  • Entire Group/Entire Team— If you want to create group or team discussion about a message, you can allow everyone to see all replies.
  • Disabled— If you just want to send an announcement that doesn't require feedback or comments, you can disable replies.