Email Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot any errors that may arise with emails.

We work with a third-party email service to schedule and distribute bulk mail.

Problem/QuestionPossible Causes/Things to Try
Specific people are not receiving emails.
  • Make sure a profile is set to receive emails by checking the email setting.
  • Check if this person is missing an email address.
  • Check if this person is unsubscribed from Realm emails.
  • Look over the email address to make sure it's valid.
  • Have the receiver check their spam/junk folder.
  • Have the receiver check if their mailbox is full.
  • Contact our support team to find out if the email is blacklisted.
People received duplicate emails.
  • More than one profile is associated with the same email. Example: A child's profile with a parent's email. In this case, each time the child receives an email the parent will too.
  • The third-party email service sees an error stating the email may not have sent correctly. When this happens, the email is sent again to ensure it is received.
Someone has unsubscribed from Realm emails.In order to resubscribe an individual to Realm emails, contact the ACS support team.
Note: Before calling the ACS support team, please contact the individual to ensure that they unsubscribed by mistake and confirm that they wish to receive emails again.
I need to see the status of my email(s). When you use Inbox to send an email, you can see emails that are sent, undelivered, queued, and unsubscribed. For more information, visit View Group Communication History.
What does each email status mean?
  • Sent — The email successfully delivered.
  • Undelivered — The email address doesn't exist, is banned, or there was a hard or soft bounce.
  • Queued — The email will deliver once a server accepts it.
  • Unsubscribed — The user canceled their subscription to receive Realm emails.
Reasons why an email is undelivered.The email address doesn't exist
  • The receiving server couldn't find an address. This could mean the email is incorrect or misspelled.

The email is banned ("SES" suppression)
  • This email is on the "Do not send" list. This could mean the user unsubscribed or previous email messages were marked as abusive or spam.

An email had a soft bounce
  • A temporary email delivery failure. This could mean the recipient mailbox is full or a connection timed out. After multiple delivery retries, this becomes a permanent delivery failure.

A general hard bounce
  • The message was rejected by the recipient mail server for some other reason.

A common typo

  • Undelivered because of a typo in the email address, usually in the domain of the email.

Reasons why an email is queued.An email marked at queued means the server couldn't send the email immediately and will try again.

This could happen because

  • An attachment in the email isn't uploading.

  • There is a connection issue with the receiving or sending server.
How do I know if my email was sent?When you send an email in Realm a message displays to confirm your action.
  • When you send an email from custom queries, groups, pathways, event registration, and volunteer management, Realm emails you a list of people who didn't receive the email. If you receive an email with this information, this means the server accepted and sent your email.
No one received my email.The server may be delaying your email. Wait 30 minutes to give the server time to deliver the email. If after 30 minutes your email hasn't sent, contact the ACS support team.

Need help?

Our support team is available Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST and Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST. Call 1-800-669-2509.