Realm Chat

Connect with group members with Realm Chat.

When you need to get the word out about something to your group members quickly, or if you want to start a private conversation with someone, you can use Realm chat. There are two types of chat in Realm: one for your entire group, and private chat with individuals in your church.

Group Chat

If you've enabled chat for your group, you and your group members can hold real-time conversations from Communications > Chat at any time. This conversation is group-wide and anyone who is a member of your group can read and add to the discussion.

Whenever someone creates new content on the group Newsfeed, this also makes an entry in your group chat. So, if you're chatting with people and someone posts something important to your group, you'll always be in the know.

Private Chat

You can also create a private chat with one or more people in your church. These chats can include anyone, not just members of your group. You can add one or more people to a chat. However, if you start a chat with just one person, you won't be able to add more people to the chat later.

Archive and Notifications

If things ever get a little noisy in your private chats, you can choose to mute your Connect app notifications for a certain conversation for an amount of time. When the discussion is over and you don't need it anymore, you can also archive a chat to move it out of your Recent section.