Constant Contact Integration Sync

About the Constant Contact integration sync.

CAUTION: If you change information about an individual on their Constant Contact profile, including removing an individual's name from the profile, this will also change that information on the individual's Realm profile the next time the daily sync runs.
Will I need to manually subscribe individuals to our lists within Constant Contact after I send their information from Realm?

You will not need to manually subscribe the individuals you send from Realm to lists within Constant Contact. When you send data from Realm profiles to Constant Contact, you can choose to create a new list, replace an existing list, or update an existing list. Each of these options automatically subscribes the individuals to the list, just as if you had added them within Constant Contact.

What happens if I need to change an individual's email address?

When you enable the sync, this links matching profiles in Realm and Constant Contact. The sync will then check each night to determine if the email address has changed. If you change an email address in either Realm or Constant Contact, the sync will automatically detect and update the email address in the other system, based on the date it was last changed.

If an individual updates their own email address in Realm, and I don't know about it, will this also update the information in Constant Contact?

Yes. The sync automatically detects when anyone has updated information on a Realm profile and will automatically update the information in Constant Contact.

If an email address already exists in both Realm and Constant Contact, will sending an individual's information from Realm update the record in Constant Contact?

Yes. When you send data from Realm to Constant Contact, this will update the individual's Constant Contact record to match the information in Realm. You can also choose to send additional information from Realm, including custom fields, and link that information to the custom fields you have created in Constant Contact.

What criteria does the sync use to match individuals between Realm and Constant Contact?

The sync matches individuals based on their first name, last name, and email address.

When someone new subscribes to our publication in Constant Contact, does the sync automatically create a new Realm profile?

No. The sync only updates existing information for linked profiles between Realm and Constant Contact. It will not create new Realm profiles nor delete existing profiles.

What's the difference in profile matching between the daily sync and sending a list to Constant Contact?

Enabling the daily sync links records that match both profile name and email address.

When you send a list to Constant Contact from Realm, it only matches the email address.


The profile for a Realm individual is:
  • Name: Anne Conley
  • Email:
The profile for the same individual in Constant Contact is:
  • Name: Annabelle Conley
  • Email:

When the daily sync is enabled, the sync will not link the profiles because even though the email address is the same, the names "Anne" and "Annabelle" do not match in both Realm and Constant Contact.

However, when you send a list from Realm to Constant Contact that includes Anne Conley, this will link the profiles because the email matches. This will also:
  • Change the name to Anne Conley in Constant Contact
  • Include Anne Conley in the nightly sync from that point forward
When I grant permission to link Realm and Constant Contact, what kind of Constant Contact account information is shared?
Linking accounts shares the following Constant Contact account information:
  • The email address that is set as the contact email address of the account.
  • The physical address for the account.
  • The name of the account (username).
  • The organization name.