Constant Contact Best Practices

Some best practices to use with Constant Contact integration.

Issue: Constant Contact emails are being sent to the congregant's Spam box.

Constant Contact recommends that you authenticate your domain to improve email delivery. Besides Constant Contact authentication, you can self-publish for authentication. Call the Constant Contact compliance team at 866-433-8499 for more information about the best solutions for email delivery.

Issue: I integrated Realm with my Constant Contact account, but things have changed, and I’m no longer comfortable with Realm accessing that information.

You can disable the sync as well as remove the Constant Contact account from Realm. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Settings > Additional Features. Then, click Edit Settings beside Constant Contact Sync. Currently, Constant Contact does not have a way for you to revoke access to Realm from within Constant Contact. You can reach out to the Constant Contact support team to get more information.

Issue: I need to link contributors to their contribution, pledge, or tax statement.

See Constant Contact's knowledge base to learn how to customize a dynamic link to share with your contacts. You receive this URL in the email that notifies you when your statements are generated. Alternatively, you can find this link with your statements in Realm. Click the more options icon by the appropriate statement, and select Access Link URL.