Mobile Check-in

Enable mobile check-in to allow individuals to check in from their mobile device.

When you enable mobile check-in for groups, registration events or teams, individuals can check in themselves and their family members from the Realm Connect app on their mobile device. The Realm Connect app can also send a notification one hour before the first check-in event of the day.

Before individuals can check in from their mobile device, you must first enable mobile check-in for the group, registration event or team. You can do this from the Mobile Check-in tab on the Check-in page.

Mobile Check-in Modes

When enabling mobile check-in, you can choose from two check-in modes.

Use the Confirm Check-in at Kiosk mode if attendees need to complete the check-in process by scanning a code at a physical kiosk. Use this option if individuals need to pick up a badge from the kiosk during check-in.

If you don't need attendees to stop by a kiosk, or if this is a virtual only event, use the Contactless Check-in mode. Individuals can then just complete check-in from their own mobile device. If an event is virtual only, this is the only mode that will be available.

Mobile Check-in Overview