Setup/Manage Group Kiosk Field Descriptions

Kiosk setup fields you'll encounter.

Field Information

Touchscreen keyboard

Select if you want the kiosk system to display an on-screen keyboard. Typically useful for larger touchscreens. Not recommended for tablets that have their own keyboard display. Available only for self-service kiosks, not volunteer-operated kiosks.

Add New Barcodes
Select if you want to link new barcodes with attendees. This option does not have to be selected in order to use existing barcodes.
Note: Most barcode scanners of type Code 39 that are hard-coded for carriage return will work.
Prompt each family during check-in

If selected, a pop-up box will ask attendees to verify their emergency contact is up-to-date. The reminder will be displayed at the interval you enter based on the last time a volunteer or attendee updated their profile. So the reminder will not display on the same day for everyone.

Extra Badges

If selected, you will have the option to print additional badges for any of the attendees. These can be used to identify back-packs, toys, diaper bags, etc. This field will not be active unless you select a badge template.

Badge Template

To print badges at check-in, select a template. The template you choose determines what information prints on each badge and the size of the typeface. The list of templates is divided into Security—those that will print with a security ID that lets you match parent with child, and Name—those that don't. If no template is selected, you won't be able to print badges from the kiosk, but you can still use it to take attendance, etc. To create new badge templates, see Check-in Badges.

Security Receipts

One Per Family. If selected, only one parent badge will be printed regardless of how many children from that family check into a class.

One Per Child. This option will print identical parent badges for each child the family checks into a class. It's offered for churches that require monitors to pair and save every child badge with a matching parent badge at the time of pick-up.

Information to Collect at Signup

If selected, visitors who are not part of your system, or the volunteers signing them in, will be asked for this information the first time they log in through a kiosk. At present, you cannot add fields to this list, and custom fields added by your church in General Settings are not available here.