Launch Group Kiosk Field Descriptions

Fields you'll encounter at check-in.

Field Information

Share this kiosk's badge printer
If selected, remote kiosk users (such as those with a tablet) can use this kiosk's printer to create check-in badges. The name you enter here will appear as a connection option for the remote user. For a printer to be shared, it must have the print drivers loaded on another computer, like a laptop or desktop. Most tablets cannot load print drivers. Once set up this way, tablets will then be able to use it as well.
Connect to a shared printer
Typically used on a tablet device so volunteers can check in attendees in long lines at multiple points. It can also be used by kiosks without a printer that need to produce badges. To use this option, at least one kiosk with a printer must be shared. Only printing kiosks that have been shared will appear as options.
the pencil icon (Update emergency contact)
Click to update the name or number listed as the emergency check-in-contact for a child. If the contact already has a record in Realm, it will also be updated when you change the phone number. Emergency contacts cannot be entered for attendees who have a family position other than "Child". You can create a list of children with or without emergency contacts using the attribute "Emergency Contact (children only)" on the Custom Queries page.
Note: If you already use a custom field to track emergency contacts, the check-in contact will not update that, nor will entries in your existing field affect the check-in contact.
Monitoring Class/Event Sizes
You can see how many slots have been filled and how many are left until the group's capacity is reached. Suppose, for example, you have two Sunday School classes for 5th graders. You can assign attendees evenly between the two classes so neither teacher has too many children. Capacity is determined by the number of people in the group. This field is only visible when adding an unscheduled attendee.
Realm check-in screen showing the event, the number of leaders and members signed up, and the capacity

More Info
Click to display and edit additional data about an individual. In assisted mode, a volunteer can click the pencil icon to edit the information.
Extra badges
Once you've selected an event, click the plus button or the minus button to select a number.