Group Kiosks

Group kiosks for classes and meetings.

This is the kind of kiosk you should use if you want to set up a secure check-in system for something like a children's Sunday school class.

Use a group kiosk for things like a children's Sunday school class or party. For adult venues, like concerts with registered attendees, use a registration kiosk.

A group kiosk will print matching child and parent badges so the kids can be picked up only by their authorized guardians at the end of class. It can also be used for adult classes to print simple name tags. Group kiosks take attendance automatically and monitor a class or event's size to notify you when it reaches capacity.

The group kiosk system is an extension of the groups feature in Realm. You will only be able to check in individuals who are in groups and those groups must have events already scheduled on the day of check-in. Guests who are not in a group will have to be added as unscheduled attendees.

A kiosk profile lets the check-in system know which groups and events can be checked in using a particular kiosk.

Kiosk Security

Permissions. In order to create kiosk profiles, you must have the permission Manage Kiosks set to Allow in your responsibilities. Someone who only has the Launch Check-In Kiosks permission will be able to open the kiosk feature to help members log in, but will not be able to create or modify kiosk permissions.

Hidden Groups. Check-in cannot be used for hidden groups. These groups will not be visible when setting up or editing kiosks, and they will not be available when checking people into events.

More Information

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