Troubleshoot Check-In

Ways you can troubleshoot check-in when there are issues.

Problem: Getting a message about setting up QZ—even though you've done it.

You might need to turn QZ on. In Windows: Click the Windows Start button. Locate and launch QZ Tray. On a Mac: Open Launchpad. Locate and click QZ Tray.

You might also need to reboot your machine if you haven't done so since installing Java and QZ. Once you restart, launch a check-in kiosk. If you do not see the pop-up window about the check-in system, you should be good to go.

Problem: The QZ Tray will install but will not print on a Windows machine.

QZ Tray no longer supports printing from Windows 32-bit machines. To fix this issue, you can use a Windows 64-bit machine, or a Mac on the latest operating system with the latest version of Java and QZ installed.