Troubleshoot Check-In

Ways you can troubleshoot check-in when there are issues.

Problem: Getting a message about setting up QZ—even though you've done it.

You might need to turn QZ on. In Windows: Click the Windows Start button. Locate and launch QZ Tray. On a Mac: Open Launchpad. Locate and click QZ Tray.

You might also need to reboot your machine if you haven't done so since installing Java and QZ. Once you restart, launch a check-in kiosk. If you do not see the pop-up window about the check-in system, you should be good to go.

Problem: Your installed version of Java will not allow QZ to work.

Check your version of Java by entering java -version at the command prompt in Widows or in Terminal on a Mac. You'll also find out if Java hasn't been installed at all. You should be using the most recent version of OpenJDK Java.

If you need to upgrade your version of Java, visit this site for the download. To download Eclipse Temurin, select Latest LTS Release.

Problem: You have Java 9 installed, and it doesn't work with QZ.

You'll need to remove version 9 and replace it with OpenJDK Java. Visit this site for the download.

Problem: The QZ Tray will install but will not print on a Windows machine.

QZ Tray no longer supports printing from Windows 32-bit machines. To fix this issue, you can use a Windows 64-bit machine, or a Mac on the latest operating system with the latest version of Java and QZ installed.