Mac: Zebra GK420d

Instructions for installing Mac drivers for the Zebra GK420D label printer.

The instructions below detail the steps for installing and configuring our supported label printers used for printing check-in badges.
  1. Visit Zebra's website to download and install the CUPS driver download, located under Third Party.
  2. Make this the default printer for your computer:
    1. From the Apple Menu Apple menu icon click System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
    2. Click the Default Printer pop-up, then select this printer.
  3. To verify your settings are correct, print a test page.
    1. Click on the Zebra printer, then click Open Print Queue.
    2. Click Printer, then select Print Test Page.
Your printer should now be configured.
CAUTION: Use only ADHSV Badges in your Zebra Printer.
Install QZ for check-in so you can print check-in badges.