Set Up Computers to Print Check-in Badges

Instructions for installing QZ tray on each computer used to print check-in badges.

The latest version of QZ must run in the background on any computer you use to print check-in badges.
Tip: Technology changes frequently, so you may want to set reminders or auto-updates to keep your version of QZ up-to-date. Doing this prevents printing issues.
  1. Download and install the latest version of QZ Tray.
    Image showing the QZ Tray download page.

    Note: The latest version, v2.2.1, includes the Java and QZ Tray in one installment. To avoid installment issues, we recommend all users to download this version. If you have older versions of these installed separately, you may need to remove those installments and download the latest version for this to work properly.
  2. After installation, check that QZ starts automatically each time you start your computer.
    1. On a Windows computer, right-click the QZ icon and select Automatically Start.
      Image showing Windows QZ Automatic start option.

    2. On a Mac computer, in the Apple menu, click Go > Applications. Locate QZ Tray and right-click the icon. Select Automatically Start. To print check-in badges the printer must be directly attached to your Mac computer with a USB cord or connected to WiFi. AirPrint does not work with QZ.
      Image showing Mac QZ Automatic Start option.