Reconfigure Paper Size for Printing Badges

Reset paper size on the Dymo 450 for printing badges.

If you are having trouble printing badges on the Dymo 450 printer, you may need to reconfigure the paper size.
  1. Ensure that you have met the other requirements for printing badges on a Mac.
  2. In Firefox, click File, then Page Setup.
  3. Click the Format For drop-down list and select Dymo 450 Turbo.
  4. Click the Paper Size drop-down list and select Manage Custom Sizes.
  5. Click + to add a new name. It will default to "Untitled".
  6. Click the name and change it to 30256.
  7. Set the Paper Size to 2.25 inches in width, 4 inches in height, and click OK.
  8. Make sure the Orientation is portrait and click OK.
  9. Open the System Preferences page on your Mac and select Printer & Scanners.
  10. If the Dymo 450 is not selected as the default printer, make it so.
  11. Select the Dymo 450 and, for Default Paper Size, select the 30256 option that you just created. The new option might not show up immediately or require a system restart in order to refresh the list.