Badge Print Troubleshooting

Solve issues with printing badges.

ProblemPossible Causes/Things to Try
Can't check in attendee: "You are not scheduled for an event right now" or similar error message.
  • There are no events scheduled at this time for the attendee's group.
  • The attendee is not a member of the group whose event is scheduled.
Just upgraded to Windows 10 and can no longer print to Dymo LabelWriter.
Information printing on the extreme edge, or over the edge, of the label. Only observed on Windows computers. Your printer settings have a paper size and quality other than "Custom". Open your printer settings. Then open the printing preferences for your label printer (often by right-clicking). Specify "Custom" for paper size and quality.
Brother printer won't work.On a Windows machine, the Brother printer's name must contain the word "brother". To change a printer's name, in Devices and Printers, right-click the printer and select Printer Properties.
When printing check-in badges from a Mac, 30256 is not listed as an option under paper size. Reconfigure Paper Size for Printing Badges.
Can't advance the labels one at a time.If the labels are not inserted properly, the machine might push out several blank labels. Try re-inserting the labels.
Other badge printing issues.
  • QZ Tray is installed, but not running. Launch QZ Tray from the Start button in Windows or Launchpad on a Mac. You can make sure it stays running by setting it to auto-start.
  • You have not downloaded and installed QZ Tray. For more, see Set Up Computers to Print Check-in Badges.
  • The printer or label maker you want to use is not specified as the default printer. See the check-in system requirements for more.
  • The check-in kiosk you are using is not set up to print badges. For more, see Group Kiosks or Registration Kiosk.
  • One of the windows used by Realm when printing badges is being suppressed by your browser's pop-up blocker. To fix this, add "" to the list of pop-ups allowed by your browser.
  • Try rebooting QZ Tray.
  • Try using another browser.
  • Make sure you are using the minimum system requirements for QZ. See QZ's FAQ page for these.
  • Read the QZ log files for a detailed explanation of what's going wrong. This may require some technical knowledge. For instructions on finding the logs, see QZ's FAQ page.
  • See if you can print a test page from the print queue to the label printer. This printout should be lined up on the label.
  • See if you can print a browser page to the label printer when not in Realm. This printout should be lined up on the label.
  • Printing check-in labels using QZ does not work with AirPrint. The printer must be directly attached to your Mac computer with a USB cord or connected to WiFi.
Barcodes won't scan correctly.
  • Make sure the drivers for your scanner are installed.
  • Scanners automatically enter numbers into your computer very quickly. If your system is old or slow, it might not be able to keep up with the speed of the input.
For additional badge issues, see Printing Problems?.