Review a Background Check

Once a background check is complete, you can review it from the individual's profile.

Permissions Required

Only administrators and users who have permissions with the Verified First account can review a background check. Administrators must log into the Verified First website and create a new user with those rights.

Review completed background checks on an individual's profile. Please keep in mind that background checks contain private information which is legally protected.

Always follow your church's written policy in regards to background check procedure and results.

  1. Locate and open the profile.
  2. On the Info tab, click Report Complete, then View Report.
  3. Review the report, then click Approve or Take Pre-Adverse Action.

    Adverse Action

    In certain states, the FCRA requires that you notify the individual and provide them with a copy of the results. Verified First will send a notice to the candidate with a consumer copy of the report and a full summary of their rights. The individual will also receive contact information for Verified First where they can learn more about the report or dispute information on the report.