Maintain Your Background Checks

Download and maintain your background checks each month.

Permissions Required

Administrators and users must have permissions with the Verified First account.

Each month, our background check partner, Verified First, purges background checks that are older than two years. This purge does not change the background check information that's stored in Realm such as date run, package, reminders, etc.

Based on the Verified First End-User Agreement (Page 1 Section 4 Item C), you must have a reasonable procedure for maintaining and storing these older background checks. You can do this by exporting your data from Verified First and storing these as PDF files in a secure location outside of Realm.

Verified First sends an email at the beginning of each month that lets you know if any of your background check data will be purged that month. You will only receive this email if you ran one or more background checks two years prior during that month.

Each email includes information on when your data will be purged as well as instructions on how to download your background checks.

  1. In the email from Verified First, click the link to log into your Verified First account.
  2. Export your data from Verified First. You can download PDFs and attachments for multiple reports at one time.
Suggestions for maintaining your background checks:
  • Download your background check files in the PDF file format.
  • Save any disclosure and authorization forms as a PDF as well.
  • Store these files in a secure location outside of Realm.