Background Check Status

This is a list of the background check statuses you might see, and what you need to know about each.

Waiting on Applicant
You've sent a request for a volunteer or staff member to fill out a background check. Verified First sent them an email, and the individual needs to fill out the form linked within the email to proceed. This request expires in 10 days.
A background check can be pending for a number of reasons including:
  • Partially Complete - Verified First is currently processing the order.
  • In Need of Review- The order is complete, but requires someone to review and approve the background check.
  • Pre-Adverse Action - The order is complete, but you found something in the results that indicate the individual cannot serve. This status is a holding queue that lasts for 1 week, allowing the individual to contest the results. Verified First will send a notice to the candidate with a consumer copy of the report and a full summary of their rights. The individual will also receive contact information for Verified First where they can learn more about the report or dispute information on the report.
  • Adverse Action - After the 1 week holding period, if the information on the order is not contested, you can officially deny the individual ability to serve.
The background check was approved.
Certain pre-adverse or adverse outcomes can cause Verified First to automatically deny a background check.
An administrator from your church contacted Verified First and canceled the background check order.